School Board

2019 School Board Members

2019 School Board Meetings
School Board meetings take place in the Aveley Primary School Staff Room at 4.00pm.  Community Members are welcome to attend.

  • Term 1 – 18 February and 18 March
  • Term 2 – 13 May and 11 June
  • Term 3 – 5 August and 2 September
  • Term 4 – 28 October and 25 November

About the School Board

As an Independent Public School, we have established a School Board comprising of parent and staff members who collectively represent the wider school community. Essentially, the role of the School Board is to collaboratively set long-term future goals for the school and provide additional expertise to support the school in achieving the best outcomes for our students.

The function of the school board is outlined in the School Education Act and include:

  • A shared vision and a plan reflecting the broad values of the school community
  • Active involvement in endorsing the School’s Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA), Budget, Business Plan and Annual Report
  • Monitoring progress of the school’s Business Plan
  • Promoting meaningful parent and community participation and actively seeking the views of the school community
  • Assist with formulating the Code of Conduct of the students
  • Approving the student dress code
  • Approving fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use (booklists)

The School Board can be contacted via email

Members of the school board include:

School Representatives:

Ms Michelle Murray – Principal

Mr Mitchell Harvie

Mr Chris Spencer


Parent Representatives:

Mrs Ami Nguyen – Chair

Ms Kerryn Anderson

Mrs Laura Lambert

Mrs Nyomi Prior

Ms Jillian Setchell

Mrs Susan Taylor


Minutes of Meetings